Personalize in the moment

with Real-Time Predictive Content in Email

Relevant, Reliable, and Really Fast for Higher Returns

Predictive Content Recommendation Engine
with Open-Time Email Personalization

Powerful, new, and 1000x better than the rest: Our proprietary data model produces real-time content recommendations that convert more customers. With AVARI, you’ll always deliver unique content your customer cares about most – at the moment the email is opened. Products, offers, and social content have never been more relevant.

Plug-n-Play Dynamic
Content Blocks

Your entire email program can be quickly upgraded by adding a simple tag to the campaign layout. Get started today using any email service provider.

Engagement Driving
Return on Investment

Greater personal relevance means more recipients click through more often. Brands win more transactions and build larger, loyal communities.

Predictive dynamic content for
every email

Marketers send one campaign with AVARI dynamic content, using any email service provider (ESP) or marketing automation, and recipients get millions of unique combinations of content that are predictively personalized.

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