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AVARI was founded in spring 2013 and found traction in the market very quickly, reaching more than 7,000 B2B customers in less than two years. Our pace of innovation and strong pipeline has kept us on the cutting edge of our industry, with important new releases nearly every month.

We were able to get our product to market and grow so fast thanks to the extensive experience of our senior leadership team and the relentless hard work of our employees. We have decades of deep data science and analytics know-how. We’ve managed sales and marketing strategy and software development for thousands of small businesses and technology startups (and even a billion-plus dollar global enterprise). And most importantly, we all passionately believe in the good-old-fashioned startup hustle.

We recently launched our third-generation technology, a Predictive Recommendation Engine with Open-Time Personalization — and things are more exciting than ever! You might have heard of us before under the name RetentionGrid. In February 2018 we re-branded to AVARI to put more focus on the technology side of our product. The RetentionGrid is still alive and well, but now it can be found as a feature within the overall AVARI solution. More about our history and where we are today can be found in this article by our CEO, Our Story: From RetentionGrid to AVARI.

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We’re Motivated

“We’re onto something hot and we’re growing fast. We’re a team of top-performers looking for people who know how to hustle.”

Kevin Dykes

We’re Welcoming

“The AVARI team is an open-minded, culturally diverse group of 14 nationalities who have a ton of fun making awesome things happen.”

Sandy Hathaway

We’re Geeky

“We love nerding out together: predictive math, machine learning, dynamic email, content and social marketing innovation, growth hacking, and a heck-of-a-lot of GIPHY makes us happy.”

Karsten Rieke


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Christoph Bünte

VP Engineering

Lee Tatham

Creative Director

Chuck Dykes

VP Biz Dev

Nick Dijkstra

Director of Customer Success

Cheryl Howard

Scrum Master